Friday, August 21, 2009

Points for Traffic Violations

How Many Points Will I Get for my Traffic Ticket?
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One of the most common questions we get from people inquiring about their traffic ticket in new york state is regarding the number of points they would potentially receive on their driving record. Here is a helpful breakdown of the number of points assigned to each traffic violation according to the NYS DMV Traffic Violations Bureau:


(1-10 mph over speed limit) - 3 points
(11-20 mph over speed limit) - 4 points
(21-30 mph over speed limit) - 6 points
(31-40 mph over speed limit) - 8 points
(40 mph over speed limit and above) - 11 points


Reckless Driving - 5 points
Failed to Stop for School Bus - 5 points
Followed too closely (tailgaiting) - 4 points
Inadequate Brakes (private car) - 4 points
Inadequate Brakes (employer's vehicle) - 2 points
Failed to Yield Right-of-Way - 3 points
Disobeying Traffic Control Signal (Stop or Yield sign) - 3 points
Railroad Crossing Violation - 3 points
Improper Passing, Changing Lane Unsafely - 3 points
Driving Left of Center, in Wrong Direction - 3 points
Leaving Scene of Property Damage Incident - 3 points
Child Safety Restraint Violation - 3 points
1144 A Ambrose-Searles "Move-Over Act" - 3 points
Cell Phone Violation - 2 points
Texting While Driving - 3 points
Any Other Moving Violation - 2 points

For a list of phone numbers and addresses of various Traffic Violations Bureaus, follow this link.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Did You Know?

Did you know that if a rear taillight is out because of a cracked lens, the officer will look to determine if there is any oxidation or rust in the area which caused the broken rear tail light then ask you how long the light has been out and then gauge your answer for honesty by what he believed was the appropriate amount of time for the rust to form around the damage to the vehicle.

In my experience with police officers handling traffic matters, your credibility in being honest with the officer will help you enormously at the "window". In short, the more honest you are and candid, the better your chances of an "adjustment" at the window. Stay tuned for more interesting details from this blog. Submit any questions you may have here or call my office at (518) 465-2211.

How to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket

After 19 years in the business and speaking with officers of the law in courts all over New York state including the very busy Albany City Court, Guilderland Town Court, Troy City Court, and Schenectady City Court, this might be the best advice around for keeping yourself out of the situation of having to hire a lawyer. By "traffic ticket", speeding ticket and any other violation under the NYS Vehicle & Traffic Law applies. (From my traffic ticket-dedicated website - Albany Traffic Lawyer).