Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't Stress Over Speeding Tickets

Everyone handles stress differently. Some people can't stop thinking about what's bothering them to the point of not being able to sleep. Others will put their problems so far out of their minds that the issue will never be addressed or resolved. Depending on your favorite method of stress management, getting a speeding ticket or a citation for some other traffic violation can be a very small bump in the road that will be resolved quickly and painlessly or a mountain of stress that will seem to grow and get more costly.

To ease the burden that comes with getting any kind of traffic ticket, call our office. Attorney Randall Kehoe offers affordable legal fees, charging only $150 for most speeding tickets so you can have an inexpensive, easy resolution. In most cases you will not have to appear in court. Please make sure to call earlier than later, but even if your court date is tomorrow or last month we can usually help.

While we do not handle New York City traffic tickets, we do cover most New York traffic courts like Albany, Colonie, Guilderland, Rotterdam, or Ravena as well as smaller upstate courts like Ballston Spa Village Court.

Our office is open most holidays and phones and emails are monitored every day. (518) 465-2211. Or you can visit our website and submit an online inquiry. Either way, the consultation is free and does not create any obligation to hire the attorney.

Photo by Dave-F

Monday, January 11, 2010

Keep a Clean License Plate

Don't forget to clean off your front and rear license plates of accumulated film of salt and road spray during the winter months. The obstruction of the plate in either the front or back is sufficient probable cause for a police man to pull you over and issue a ticket for such obstruction and any other violations that may be brought to the officer's attention including but not limited to: seat belt, cell phone use, tinted windows, etc, etc, etc.