Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Speed Week" - Aug 8-14th, 2011

Today, the Times Union reported the opening of "Speed Week" in New York state. In concert with Nascar's race at Watkins Glen, Troopers will be on the lookout for motorists violating Section 1180 of New York state Vehicle & Traffic law, known as "speeding" or SPEED IN ZONE. Remember that fines are extremely high in New York (doubled in Work Zones) and points are given out very generously. In fact, if you accumulate 6 points within an 18 month period, the state will send you a bill for $300.00 as part of the Driver Responsibility Program. Every point accumulated above that will be assessed an additional $75.00 fee. Remember also that these fees apply irregardless of what state or country issued your driver's license. Traffic Violations Bureau provides a chart of DMV points for particular violations.

Local courts have the power to issue fines within a certain range which can depend on local policy, your past driving history, and other factors. Fines that our clients have paid for speeding and other reduced charges can be viewed at NySpeedingTicketFines.com.

As always, be especially careful while driving this weekend and always remember to observe posted speed limits. When in doubt, Thruway and other highway speed limits in New York state tend to be 55mph. You are likely to run in to a high concentration of State Troopers and speed traps in the Binghamton area along Route 88 in Chenango, Dickinson, Deposit, Endicott, etc.

If you are pulled over, always remember to be courteous with the officer or Trooper and call us if you need help at (518) 465-2211 or request a Free Consultation of your case using the form here on our blog.

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