Thursday, December 15, 2011

Deadly School Bus Crash in Clifton Park (Saratoga County) NY

Today, YNN and Times Union are reporting a head-on collision in Clifton Park between a school bus and an SUV. Fortunately, there were no passengers on board the school bus but the drive of the SUV was killed. On a narrow highway with no visible traffic and light mist, is it possible this is occurred as a result of texting/distracted driving?

Ever since the National Transportation Safety Board called for all 50 states to ban the non-emergency use of portable electronic devices (other than those designed to support the driving task), this has been a hot-topic. In fact, the NTSB's recommendation came as a response to a fatal wreck last year in Missouri between two school buses, a bobtail, and an SUV. Thirty-five people were injured and two died in that incident.

Currently, texting/distracted driving is a 3 point violation in New York state. Operating a mobile phone is a 2 point violation.

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