Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Operation Hang Up - Part 2: April 23-29, 2012

Last November, New York's Governor's Traffic Safety Committee initiated "Operation Hang Up", a campaign targeting motorists operating a cell phone or other mobile device while driving. Over the Thanksgiving weekend 2011, over 800 tickets were issued for distracted driving and the traffic violation was promoted to a 3 point violation (previously 2 points). This week, beginning Monday April 23 through Sunday 29, 2012, NY State Troopers will be enforcing Part 2 of Operation Hang Up as Governor Cuomo tries to send the message about the dangers of distracted driving:

Operation Hang Up is designed to send a strong message to motorists across New York State that driving and using a hand-held device simply do not mix. We hear too many heartbreaking stories about how distracted driving leads to tragic consequences, and we must do everything in our power to ensure more lives are not unnecessarily lost because someone took their eyes off the road to use a phone. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration attributed more than 3,000 deaths nationwide last year to distracted driving. This year alone, over 65,000 tickets have been issued in New York state for distracted driving which is now a primary offense. This means you can be pulled over for distracted driving alone whereas, last year, you could be ticketed for distracted driving but only if you were pulled over for speeding or another violation in the first place.

We always hope you are careful and considerate while driving, but we expect many, many calls in the next few weeks for driver's seeking representation in the most active regions. You can view total numbers of tickets issued by county on the Governor's website. You'll see that Albany and New York are among the worst offenders.

If you get a ticket for distracted driving anywhere in the Upstate area or Hudson Valley this weekend, please give us a call for assistance. (518) 465-2211.

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